It's a family affair

Long before you saw our products beautifully arranged on your shelves; And of course, long before we became your number one food processing brand, we, just as a spider’s web, began weaving our story of faith, resilience, and hard work from a point. This point of inception was devoid of unwarranted exuberance, love for money, or fame. It was a vulnerable point of devastation, hopelessness, and unending threads of worry.

Let us walk you through our story. Imagine waking up each day to a child with abdominal pains, nausea, loss of appetite, and general growth issues owing to Intestinal Infections. For a second, just imagine dealing with a series of ailments and complications from a child whose emergence in your life, should have been a source of joy and hope. This situation is surely not on the wish list of any well-meaning parent.

Effectively, the situation needed urgent attention. That sent us on a journey to find a lasting solution to the problem. After several tries based on recommendations and personal research, we discovered the magical prowess of probiotics. It was particularly relieving to discover that our solution rested positively in just ‘yoghurt’ with intentional quantities of probiotics. This was indeed the magic wand that led us to joy and hope until its procurement became a challenge.

As expected of every parent, we tried to work around the challenge of supply, to source the probiotic yoghurts locally. It was an arduous task as the ones we discovered didn’t contain the right amounts of probiotics our child needed. We then began to look into producing the yoghurt from the comfort of our kitchen. This gave us the freedom to monitor and control our processes once the culture for production is secured. Certainly, this brought unending good health and happiness to us as parents and to our child who could now engage properly with her peers while growing normally.

We began to share the recipe with friends and family who equally loved the effects of probiotic yoghurts on themselves and their children. The quest for more and innovation got us to try other modifications to our recipes which brought us new exciting flavors. Soon, there was a demand that ought to be attended to and like they say the rest is what you see today.

The ethos of our story binds us to remain true to serving good health and happiness at all times. It holds us accountable to the lives of the many who use our products daily; and encourages us to spread more love just as we did for our child, family, and friends.

This makes our relationship with our clients personal; because for us, ‘you are family and all we wish to do together is ‘A family Affair’.