When Women Lead

The inception of the Rosswood dream was characterised by a mother’s drive to selflessly share a newly discovered health recipe with friends and family to mitigate what seemed to be a common placed health challenge among their children. Although unintended, this little art of kindness brought exceptional happiness to these mothers and directly affected the […]

Happy people, Healthier lives

While the experience of real happiness and its sources varies from person to person, the feeling thereof for all is mostly surreal. The little gestures of love, tolerance, and gratitude instinctively always unbundle untold elation in the lives of many, giving them a reason to smile and get ahead in life. These expressions encompass our […]

Woman for Women

The future they say is female. Although this affirmation is debatable, we are inclined as an organization to believe and work toward its realization. Our determination stems from the rate of change and improvement experienced in the able hands of a remarkable leader Priscilla Asante. Her style and drive to keep women eternally empowered are […]